State Quilt Patterns (Stencils) – Combine to Create USA Map.

The following state patterns when pieced together will allow you to create an enlarged quilt or map of the the United States (USA). Just make sure to scale the state patterns consistently when printing as shown in the video below and Step #1 at printing state quilt patterns. See Country Patterns to create a puzzle of the United States from a single piece of wood.

United States Quilt

State Quilt patterns, scroll saw patterns, clip art, and stencils of all 50 states.  Combine to create a map of the USA United States.

State Quilt Patterns / Scroll Saw Patterns


The following map is created when all the patterns are combined.

State Quilt patterns

If you do not plan on combining the states together, see State Outlines for additional patterns.

United States Puzzle Pattern (Scroll Saw)

Use one of the following patterns to create a puzzle of the United States. For example, you could use a scroll saw to create a puzzle by cutting out the individual states.

How to Resize and Print State Quilt Patterns

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