CNC Routers (Woodworking Designs and Patterns)

CNC routers are computer controlled cutting machines that can be used for cutting various materials such as wood, plastic, composites, aluminum, and steel. Rather than holding the router by hand, these machines typically mount a hand-held router and control the path using (Computer Numerical Control) CNC. These cutting machines can increase productivity and minimize waste allowing you to build multiple items in a short period. Find Router Patterns. View other cutting machines.

CNC router cutting machines, designs, SVG files, patterns, vector graphics, wood, woodworking projects.

CNC Router Cutting Designs, Patterns, and Templates

Below are some free CNC router cutting and engraving designs.

CNC Routers: Cutting and Engraving Machines.

CNC cutting machines use to be huge and expensive, but today you will find entry-level models for even weekend hobbyists. We will start looking at some more expensive models and work our way down to some beginner models for those of you on a tight budget.

Axiom Precision CNC Router  ($3,999)
The Axiom Precision CNC Router – is a very reliable machine with a sturdy frame, and a complete range of accessories that should meet your needs for years to come. With 4-axis CNC controller, and a robust electro spindle performance, this cutting machine will save you time and money by increasing your production capabilities.

Next Wave Shark CNC Router Machine ($3,999)
The Next Wave Shark CNC Router – is also a good buy for hobbyists and pros alike. It makes a great woodworking tool for custom parts, joinery, drilling, etc. You can operate this machine using either the included touchscreen pendant or your own computer.

Genmitsu CNC Router Machine  ($999)
The Genmitsu CNC Router Machine – is a great cutting machine if you are on a budget. The CNC router is easy to setup and includes a pre-assembled module of XYZ axis and wires.

MYSWEETY CNC Router Kit  ($369)
The MYSWEETY DIY CNC Router Kit – is a very affordable cutting machine if you are on a tight budget. This machine can cut wood, PVC, acrylic, and other “soft” materials.

Making Money with a CNC Router

You can use a CNC router cutting machine to create items such as, furniture, musical instruments, moldings, wooden frames, sign boards, wood panels, interior and exterior decorations, and door carvings.

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CNC router cutting machines, DIY designs, SVG files, patterns, vector graphics, wood, woodworking projects.