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Find hundreds of fun DIY project ideas along with patterns and stencils. Learn how to make everything from bird houses to Christmas ornaments. Discover the rewarding experiences of creating things yourself. Find FREE SVG patterns that can be resized without any loss of quality. Great for crafts and creating handmade projects.

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Free Monogram Maker
Free Monogram Maker. Online Monogram Generator.
Fall & Autumn Quotes
Fall & Autumn Quotes. Bundle of short autumn sayings.
Thanksgiving Word Search
Thanksgiving Word Search. Printable word search puzzles.
Happy Thanksgiving Quotes
Happy Thanksgiving Quotes. Bundle of Thanksgiving sayings.
Christmas Patterns & Stencils
Christmas Patterns & Stencils. Free Christmas patterns.
Christmas Lights Font
Christmas Lights Font. Colorful holiday lettering decorations.
Christmas Word Search
Christmas Word Search. Printable PDF files.
Candy Cane Stripes
Candy Cane Stripes. Christmas alphabet letters.
Christmas Font
Christmas Font. Printable alphabet patterns.
Christmas Quotes & Designs
Christmas Quotes & Designs. Christmas SVG files.
Christmas Tree Font (A-Z)
Christmas Tree Font (A-Z). Free Christmas Tree Decorations.
Angel Templates and Patterns
Angel Templates and Patterns. Free printable stencils.
Christmas Stocking Patterns
Christmas Stocking Patterns. Free Stocking Stencils.
Gingerbread House Templates
Gingerbread House Templates. Free printable patterns.
Gingerbread Man Templates
Gingerbread Man Templates. Printable outlines and patterns.
Free Stencil Maker
Free Stencil Maker. Online Calligraphy Generator.
Cool Fonts, Lettering, Fancy Text
Cool Fonts, Lettering, Fancy Text. Stylish text and fonts.
Word Search Maker
Word Search Maker. Create free printable puzzles.
Text Generator
Text Generator. Create fancy, cool text.
Free Word Cloud Generator
Free Word Cloud Generator. Make your own word bubble.
Curved Text Generator
Curved Text Generator. Create curved text effects online.
Text In Circle Generator
Text In Circle Generator. Create curved text.
Resize Image
Resize Image. Reduce image size online.
Free Printable Paper
Free Printable Paper. Graph paper, lined paper, planners.
Star Patterns and Templates
Star Patterns and Templates. Free Star Patterns.
Bird Houses, Feeders & More
Bird Houses, Feeders & More. Find free bird box patterns.
Split Monogram Maker
Split Monogram Maker. Online "Split" Monogram Generator.
USA County Maps
USA County Maps. State maps with county lines.
Family Name Signs
Family Name Signs. Last Name Established Plague.
Photo To Painting
Photo To Painting. Convert Pictures to Oil Painting.
Photo To Sketch
Photo To Sketch. Convert Pictures to Patterns & Stencils.
Block Poster Maker
Block Poster Maker. Create a homemade poster.
State Outlines and Patterns
State Outlines and Patterns. Free designs of all 50 states.
Quotes & Graphic Designs
Quotes & Graphic Designs. SVG Cutting Files.
Flower Templates
Flower Templates. Printable flower patterns.
Cursive Font Maker
Cursive Font Maker. Custom designs with swash tails.
Garden Quotes
Garden Quotes. Short, funny plant sayings.
DIY Christmas Ornaments
DIY Christmas Ornaments. Free Christmas stencils.
Candy Cane Templates
Candy Cane Templates. Printable stencils and patterns.
Candy Cane Clipart
Candy Cane Clipart. 3D Christmas lettering.
Homemade Christmas Ornaments (A-Z)
Homemade Christmas Ornaments (A-Z). Free "Curly" Christmas stencils.
Handmade Ornament Patterns (A-Z)
Handmade Ornament Patterns (A-Z). Free "Simple" Christmas stencils.
Candy Cane Font
Candy Cane Font. Christmas lettering.
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas. Free printable stencils.
Christmas Tree Templates
Christmas Tree Templates. Free tree templates and patterns.
Snowflake Templates
Snowflake Templates. Free Snowflake patterns.
Christmas Alphabet Letters
Christmas Alphabet Letters. Free printable stencils.
Christmas Letter Monograms
Christmas Letter Monograms. Personalize with YOUR name.
Homemade Gingerbread House
Homemade Gingerbread House. Easy Christmas family project.
Free Multiplication Charts
Free Multiplication Charts. Printable times tables.
Math Worksheet Generator
Math Worksheet Generator. Create random math problems.
Free Printable Graph Paper
Free Printable Graph Paper. Free grid paper.
Printable Coordinate Grid Paper
Printable Coordinate Grid Paper. Single and 4 quadrant paper.
Kitchen Quotes
Kitchen Quotes. Bundle of funny kitchen sayings.
Bible Verse Designs
Bible Verse Designs. Scripture Quotes.
Printable Calendars
Printable Calendars. Free monthly and blank templates.
Cutting Machines & SVG Files
Cutting Machines & SVG Files. Designs and tools for cutting.
Free Printable Lined Paper
Free Printable Lined Paper. Handwriting paper.
Printable Stationery Paper
Printable Stationery Paper. Letter writing paper.
Blank Sheet Music
Blank Sheet Music. Printable staff paper.
Free Printable Grocery List
Free Printable Grocery List. Shopping lists.
Meal Planners
Meal Planners. Menu templates.
DIY Jigsaw Puzzles
DIY Jigsaw Puzzles. Free puzzle patterns.
Printable Coloring Pages
Printable Coloring Pages. Free kid and adult coloring sheets.
Tracing Alphabet Letters
Tracing Alphabet Letters. Printable handwriting worksheets.
Cross Stitch Letters
Cross Stitch Letters. EASY cross stitch letters.
Friendship Quotes
Friendship Quotes. Friendship Sayings.
Word Clouds
Word Clouds. Free generators, benefits and uses.
Hundreds Charts
Hundreds Charts. Number 1 to 100.
Animal Word Search
Animal Word Search. Puzzles on dogs, pets, dinosaurs, etc.
Purple Martin House Plans
Purple Martin House Plans. 12-Unit plans with video.
Free Printable To Do List
Free Printable To Do List. Things to do.
Printable Chore Chart Templates
Printable Chore Chart Templates. Help kids stay organized.
Printable Cleaning Checklist
Printable Cleaning Checklist. Schedules for cleaning duties.
Free Word Search
Free Word Search. Printable PDF puzzles.
Printable Court and Field Diagrams
Printable Court and Field Diagrams. Free printable athletic field templates.
ABC Coloring Pages
ABC Coloring Pages. Alphabet Coloring Sheets.
Free Birdhouse Plans
Free Birdhouse Plans. Homemade nesting box plans.
1000+ Free Patterns
1000+ Free Patterns. Hundreds of free designs.
Word Art Patterns
Word Art Patterns. 70+ FREE word art designs.
Christian and Religious Patterns
Christian and Religious Patterns. Inspirational designs.
Dinosaur Patterns
Dinosaur Patterns. Free dinosaur stencils.
Last Name Signs
Last Name Signs. DIY Family Sign Instructions.
Scroll Saw Patterns
Scroll Saw Patterns. FREE patterns for the scroll saw.
Easy Woodworking Projects
Easy Woodworking Projects. Free collection of plans.
Bird Houses From A Log
Bird Houses From A Log. Create a nesting box from a log.
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