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Personal Use:

Free. How can you help? Make a small donation. Use the SunCatcherStudio.com artwork (patterns, stencils, designs, and templates) to make crafts and artwork for yourself or to give to family and friends. The average price of a cup of coffee in 2018 was: $5.90!

Commercial Use:

Use the SunCatcherStudio.com artwork (patterns, stencils, designs, and templates) to make crafts and artwork and sell them in stores, craft fairs, and online. A single royalty-free license starts at only $4.99 per pattern. Or select the UNLIMITED, royalty-free license for only $29.99 and use any suncatcherstudio.com artwork for commercial purposes.

License Type


Examples of Acceptable Use of Artwork:

  • Making wood working crafts.
  • Creating sewing and quilting projects.
  • Screen printing, vinyl cutting, silhouette, and die cut machines.
  • Creating cutting boards.
  • Creating Christmas ornaments with a scroll saw or laser cutting machine.
  • Making string-art designs.
  • Painting and decorating crafts.
  • And many, many more possible ideas.

Non-acceptable Use of Artwork:

  • Distributing files downloaded/purchased from us in any manner, including: selling, giving away for free, or as part of a package of products.
  • Selling or transferring the license to another person or company.
  • Selling or transferring the art work as coloring pages or sheets.

The purchaser and/or recipient agrees not to sell or distribute suncatcherstudio.com artwork in anyway, including but not limited to adaptations, imitations, redesigns, or modifications.

SunCatcherStudio retains all rights, copyright, and ownership of the patterns.


Commercial Use:
After making your purchase, you will receive a Standard PayPal Payment receipt. This receipt is sufficient for you to begin using the artwork and patterns for commercial use. However, if you need a certificate of payment, please e-mail us at billrosener@gmail.com after making your purchase with PayPal.

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