Convert Photos to Sketches, Patterns, and Stencils

Automatically trace images and photos into sketches, patterns, stencils, or line drawings. See Custom Designs and Photo to Painting for more ideas.

Step 1: Upload Image.


The uploaded photo to be converted to a sketch, pattern, stencil, or line drawing.

Step 2: Format Design.


Contrast: 20
Density: 1


The finished sketch, stencil, pattern, or line drawing.

Step 3: Download Your Sketch or Pattern.


Step #4: Online Photo to Sketch - Guide and FAQ.

If you experience any problems with this online photo to sketch maker please send a brief message to In your message, indicate what is not working so we can fix it. Similarly, if you have ideas on how to improve this software, please let us know.

How do I use the interface? To use this online photo to sketch maker, first press the "Browse" button and then select an image. Next press the "Upload" button to load your image. Now adjust the "Contrast" and "Density" by dragging the range sliders left or right. The "Contrast" adjusts the threshold of the white and black pixels. As the slider is moved to the left, the background noise is minimized. The "Density" determines how the neighboring pixels are entwined or combined. Think of this as line thickness. Finally, when satisfied with your stencil, press the "Save" button to save your new sketch or pattern.

What type of images can be used? GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image formats can be used. Currently the maximum image size is set to 12 MB.

What happens to the uploaded images? The images that are both uploaded and the created stencils are stored in a temporary location. A cleanup operation deletes all files approximately every 30 minutes.

Step #5: Uses for Online Photo to Sketch (Stencil Maker).

Use this free stencil maker program to convert photos into line drawings, patterns, templates, clip art, and sketches. Use this simple and quick online software to edit and create stencils without using adobe photoshop. This software creates black and white stencil from photography. Create personalized, custom stencils for your home, for clothes and fabrics, for craft shows, for selling projects online, etc. These designs are great for coloring pages and coloring sheets, crochet patterns, drawing and painting, home die-cutting machines (e.g., Cricut and Silhouette), hobbies, holiday crafts, iron-on t-shirts designs, kid crafts, laser cutting, needlecrafts, preschool printables, quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, sign making, string art (nail art), wall art, wedding crafts, woodworking projects, amazing gifts, and other DIY arts and crafts.

You can transfer these printable patterns to cardboard, cardstock, canvas, construction paper, fabric, felt, foam, glass, leather, metal, notebook paper, paper, parchment paper, photo paper, plastic, plexiglass, poster board, rubber, steel, vinyl, wax paper, wrapping paper, wood, and many other types of materials. Learn how to make and paint stencils. Learn how to create a stencil using other methods.

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Free online tool that converts a photo to a sketch, pattern, stencil, or line drawing.  
Create outlines, pencil sketches from images and pictures.