Woodturning Projects, Tools, Tips, & Wood Lathes

Wood lathe tips and step-by-step instructions for creating some interesting and fun woodturning projects. These projects will literally show you how “turn” a block of wood into a unique piece of artwork or a useful household item.

Bowls with Decorative Rims
Bowls with Decorative Rims. How to embellish a bowl rim.
Goblet with Captive Rings
Goblet with Captive Rings. Learn how to turn a goblet.
Colored Pencil Bowl
Colored Pencil Bowl. DIY woodturning project.
Tips on Wood Lathes
Tips on Wood Lathes. What to know when purchasing a lathe.
Wooden Scoops
Wooden Scoops. Learn how to make wooden scoops.
Segmented Bowls
Segmented Bowls. How to make segmented bowls.
Candle Holders
Candle Holders. Learn how to make candle holders.
Segmented Turning
Segmented Turning. Secrets on segmented turning.
Woodturning for Beginners
Woodturning for Beginners. Avoid these mistakes.
Woodworking Inlay Techniques
Woodworking Inlay Techniques. Add eye-catching excitement to your work.
3D Animation of Forms
3D Animation of Forms. Learn woodturning forms.
3D Animation of Turning Tools
3D Animation of Turning Tools. Learn woodturning tools.
Creating a Sycamore Vase
Creating a Sycamore Vase. See a log being converted into a vase.
Creating a Pine Bowl
Creating a Pine Bowl. See a log being converted into a bowl.

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Woodturning Projects, Tips, lathe, and more.