Patterns and Stencils (Free JPG, PNG, SVG Designs)

Find hundreds of free patterns to print or download including SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) stencils and designs. Great for woodworking projects, wooden signs, wall decor, Silhouette and Cricut cutting machines, quilting, scroll saw patterns, band saw projects, laser cutting, and many other DIY projects. Find patterns on cats, dogs, birds, Christmas ornaments, Christian and religious designs, templates on all 50 states, and much more.

State Outlines and Patterns.
State Outlines and Patterns. Free outlines and patterns of all 50 states.
Letter, Alphabet, and Number Stencils.
Letter, Alphabet, and Number Stencils. FREE alphabet and number stencils.
Scroll Saw Patterns.
Scroll Saw Patterns. Looking for some scroll saw patterns or clip art designs?
Word Art Patterns.
Word Art Patterns. 70+ FREE word art patterns, outlines, and stencils.
USA Patchwork Quilt Pattern.
USA Patchwork Quilt Pattern. Combine state patterns to create US Map.
Patterns for Chess Pieces.
Patterns for Chess Pieces. Your MOVE. Create your own chess set.
Cutting Board Designs.
Cutting Board Designs. Free Chopping board patterns
Alphabet Letters for Coloring.
Alphabet Letters for Coloring. Take a relaxing break and color!
Christmas Patterns and Stencils.
Christmas Patterns and Stencils. Christmas ornaments, word art, etc.
Bold, Thick, Arial Stencils.
Bold, Thick, Arial Stencils. Free printable stencils.
DIY Christmas Ornaments.
DIY Christmas Ornaments. Color or use as scroll saw patterns.
Homemade Christmas Ornaments (A-Z).
Homemade Christmas Ornaments (A-Z). "Curly" letters and numbers.
Handmade Ornament Patterns (A-Z).
Handmade Ornament Patterns (A-Z). "Simple" letters and numbers.
12 Days of Christmas.
12 Days of Christmas. Create your own ornaments.
Pumpkin Carving Patterns.
Pumpkin Carving Patterns. Stencils and templates for carving a pumpkin.
How to Print an Image or Pattern.
How to Print an Image or Pattern. Learn to resize an image and print on multiple pages.
How to Save Images.
How to Save Images. Learn how to save images.
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Free patterns and stencils to print or download including SVG vector designs - for DIY woodworking projects, Silhouette and Cricut laser cutting.

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