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10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • October 12, 2019 at

    Hello from Western Canada. Am trying to print out the letters “D”, hopefully 14 to 16 inches in size and the letter “L”, 10 inches, for a project. Have managed to download “D” in Block style but was not able to print it. What am I doing wrong and not familiar with pixels…..

    Thanks for your help.

    Christine D.

  • December 1, 2019 at

    hi there i have a ? can you put the stencil blanks in a hp printer and print them out and use a saco knife to cut them out… another ? do you sell these stencils ???

  • June 20, 2020 at

    I wanted to thank you for this site. I’m disabled and I make them for my friends for like a birthday or something personalized. I have recommended your site to others and There is a S link on my desktop and watch as the the site evolves into a greater and greater inspiration of helping others by requesting pay from ones who can afford and its ok for ones like me that hope to contribute to this great site as my finances allow. This is by far my favorite site whenever I feel creative and just want to send beauty into the world. thank you.

  • July 14, 2020 at

    Just found your site and love it! Would love to see some fall things, like pumpkins, leaves, etc. Thanks!


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