31+ Easy Woodworking Projects

Check out these free, easy woodworking projects that can be completed by the DIY beginner in one or two hours. These simple and fun projects require only a few tools. They make great last minute woodworking gift ideas.

31+ Easy DIY Projects, bird houses, wind spinner. These beginner family woodworking projects make create handmade gifts.

Easy Woodworking Projects

1. Create your own birdhouse using free, simple, birdhouse plans. Making a bird house gives you great bird watching opportunities and makes a great activity for the entire family.

create your own bird house using these free plans.

2. String Art the EASY way – learn how to create a beautiful piece of art using a piece of wood, nails, and string.

String art Oklahoma with a heart.

3. Wind spinners are fun to watch and build. They turn in a fascinating, spiraling motion whether the wind is blowing from the north, south, east, or west.

Make your own wind spinner

4. Create your own Tic-Tac-Toe game. A homemade wooden Tic Tac Toe game is fun for all ages and makes a thoughtful handmade gift.

Tic-tac-toe game.

5. Create your own Jigsaw Puzzle. Find fun patterns and instructions on how to create a DIY wooden jigsaw puzzle.

DIY wooden jigsaw puzzle patterns and instructions.

6. With a little wood and a few tools, you can make your own word art signs in as little as one hour.

love family word art project scroll saw band saw

7. Succulent Planter.

Wooden Succulent planter

8. Candle holders – turn a scrap log or tree branch into a beautiful candle holder.

Wooden Candle holder created for a branch or log.

9. Carve your own wooden spoons. The design and style possibilities of spoons and other kitchen utensils are endless, allowing you to be very creative.

Carve wooden spoons.

10. Scroll saw patterns, outlines, clip art designs, and projects. Great ideas for the scroll saw, band saw, jigsaw, and other projects. Includes printable or downloadable patterns for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced user.

Scroll saw pattern peace sign.

11. State outlines – these stencils and outlines make great scroll saw, jig saw, and band saw projects.

State Outlines

More Easy Woodworking Projects

12. Welcome letter for your front door.

Welcome letter for your door entrance.

See Alphabet and Number Stencils for patterns.

13. Make your own wooden scoops. This can be an interesting and fun project for people who enjoy woodturning.

DIY Make your own wooden scoop.

14. Spell out “HOME” using letters.

HOME letters on wall

See Alphabet and Number Stencils for patterns.

15. Pencil or pen holder.

Pencil or pen holder from a log or branch.

16. DIY Hexagaon (Honeycomb) Wall Shelves – floating display hexagon shelves are easy to build and make a great DIY woodworking project.

DIY Honeycomb Hexagon wall and display shelves.

17. Candle holders – can create a warm, relaxing environment while also helping to accent other furnishings anywhere you display them.

Candle holder

18. Assemble this sturdy wooden bench from two 10-foot 2x8s, glue and a handful of screws in under two hours.

wooden bench

19. DIY Crayon Holder – create the cutest crayon holder you ever saw.

Crayon Holder

20. Storage bins – make a great beginner woodworking project. You can use these bins to help organize the kitchen or any other area.

Storage divided bins for the kitchen

21. Tree stump side tables – take a tree stump, let it dry and then remove the bark. Optionally finish it to create a beautiful and functional night stand or a side table.

Tree stump side or end tables.

More Easy Woodworking Projects

22. Serving tray – create a simple, stylish, tray to deliver breakfast beautifully.

Serving tray

23. Book ends.

Wooden book ends DIY

24. Napkin holder.

Wooden painted napkin holder

25. Bathroom wall shelves – these easy to built wall-mounted shelves pack a lot into a little space.

26. Traditional Toolbox – a great way to tote small tools. Includes a handle which makes it more comfortable to carry.

27. Glass bottle and wood vase – with some soda bottles, a 1 x 6 board, and about 1 hour of time your can create this decorative container for displaying cut flowers.

DIY bottle vase.

28. Knife block – learn how to make your own knife block to hold kitchen knives of various sizes.

knife block

29. Simple Step Stool – this DIY step stool is an easy woodworking project which takes minimal effort to create a beautiful piece.

30. Portable lap tray with attached crayon holder – kids are guaranteed to love taking their portable lap tray in the car everywhere they go.

31. Cornhole Set – this bean-bag toss game is fun and easy for the whole family to enjoy.


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