Free Word Cloud Generator (Make Your Own Word Bubble)

Create a unique and amazing word cloud, wordle, or word bubble in seconds.
1. Enter your words. (Guide)
2. Select font color.
3. Select rotation.
4. Shape:
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6. Visualize your data.

7. Save your Word Cloud

If saving in PNG, JPG, or PDF format, you may specify the desired width and height of the new image. SVG images can be scaled to any size after downloading. See the guide for more details.
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Height: (pixelsSet the height to "3000" for maximum resolution.)   TipsIf "Preserve Aspect Ratio" is set to "Yes", then the "width" is automatically calculated.
If "Preserve Aspect Ratio" is set to "No", then you can enter a new "width".
Preserve aspect ratio: Yes No
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8. What are Word Clouds

A word cloud (also known as a wordle, a word bubble, a tag cloud, a word collage, or a text cloud) is a visual representation of words. The more frequently a word appears in the textual data (e.g., a speech or blog post) the larger and bigger it appears in the word cloud. Find sample speeches and words to copy and paste into the word cloud generator above.
Word clouds allow you to create a stunning visualization of your data and are also frequently incorporated into classroom activities to engage students. Similar to charts, graphs, and infographics, a word cloud can help highlight important textual data. Currently, you can specify your word cloud in the following shapes: circle, heart, regular cloud, lightbulb, rounded rectangle, square, Christmas tree, and the letters A-Z.
This generator allows you to reate unique and amazing word cloud and word bubbles in seconds similar to these word cloud examples. Word clouds are great for creating spectacular personalized gifts. Your word collage can be printed or downloaded in PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format.
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