Word Cloud Classroom Activities (Ways to Engage Students)

Word cloud activities can easily be incorporated into the classroom to help students get interested on assignments and projects. Creating word clouds can also help students enhance their communication and language skills.

Word Cloud Classroom Activities (Ways to Engage Students)

Here are some fun word cloud activities for your classroom:

1. Summarizing Topics.

At the end of each lesson, incorporate word clouds to summarize them. For example, if you teach a lesson on climate change, you can ask students to add the related words that they remember from the lesson most clearly. Using word clouds in the classroom will create an engaging activity for students and help them remember the lesson more clearly.

2. Supporting Student Consensus.

Using word clouds can help bring an entire class to a single conclusion. It can be effective to drive home the most crucial point from a lesson and to help guide students on why one factor contributes more than others. This can significantly help narrow down broad topics.

3. Brainstorming Solutions.

Creating word clouds can be an engaging activity that can help students learn from each other and become more involved in the subject. Incorporate this activity in projects and lessons that require students to be creative.

4. Picking Themes for Assignments.

Using word clouds in the classroom can be especially helpful in picking a single theme from a book, essay, or chapter that includes various information and concepts. First, allow each student to shortlist three themes. Once every student is done, create a word cloud from the words contributed by the students. The resulting word cloud is likely to have multiple words that stand out. Pick the one that is repeated the most. If two or more words stand out in the same intensity, have the students vote on their pick from them. Continue until one theme stands out the most. Give students a chance to convince their peers on one theme.

5. Overcoming Information Gaps.

Textbooks don’t always carry complete information from all perspectives. Students with special interests in specific topics may find that the lesson they are taught in school on their topic of interest is missing some vital information that other students must learn. Creating word clouds for students during the lesson discussions allows everyone to reflect on them and learn more deeply and thoroughly.

Create Word Clouds for FREE

Word cloud generators can help you make customized and visually pleasing word clouds to help students visualize data. Word cloud activities can also help students enhance their communication and cognitive thinking skills.

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