Best Free Word Cloud Generator for School and Work

Below are some of the best free online word cloud generators that will allow you to quickly analyze and visualize large amounts of text data. Word clouds can help you gain insights and communicate information effectively.

Best Free Word Cloud Generator for School and Work

  1. SunCatcherStudio Word Cloud Generator – this free and user friendly word cloud generator allows you to easily create an amazing and unique tag cloud in seconds. You can customize the font color, background color, rotation of the text, and the shape of your word cloud. This mobile friendly application also has several extra formatting options like: number of words to display, maximum and minimum fonts size. This software allows you to export your creations in PNG, JPG, SVG, and PDF.
  2. WordClouds – allows you to create keyword clouds for free online. It has various customization and export tools. You can add words by inserting text into a form, pointing to its source URL, or uploading a document. You can change shapes, fonts, and colors.
  3. WordArt – is a popular service that allows you to create your cloud with many shapes, fonts, and customization options. The paid version also allows you to add special effects, create animated clouds, and download the final result of your design to different image file formats. You have to create an account to start using it.
  4. Jason Davies Word Cloud Generator – is a free word cloud generators based on JavaScript that allows text data visualization with a user-friendly interface. To create a word cloud with Jason Davis, copy and paste your text to a text box and start customizing it to your preferences.
  5. WordItOut – is another simple word cloud creation tool. It is a tool with fewer special features than others but allows you to paste text, documents, and URLs of web pages or blogs to obtain a cloud of words simply and easily. WordItOut allows you to customize the font, the colors, and the distribution of the words, but not their shape, which will always be random.
  6. TagCrowd – is a simple word cloud generator that allows you to copy and paste the text of your choice, indicate a URL, or import a text file to create a cloud of sentences for free. The result is basic but effective, with limited customization possibilities. TagCrowd is a word cloud generator that allows you to automatically view the most repeated terms from any text or URL. The text is distributed horizontally. It has a series of filters to customize the words. It does not allow you to modify the appearance of the generated word cloud, but it has multiple export channels, including the generation of HTML codes.

Word clouds are commonly used in data analysis, market research, and social media monitoring, as they provide a quick and easy way to identify patterns and trends in large volumes of text data. They can also be used in education and communication to illustrate key concepts or themes, and to help students and audiences visualize complex information in a clear and engaging way.

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