Free Online Block Poster Maker (GUIDE & FAQ)

Use this free online block poster maker to create your own personalized, customized, homemade wall art and posters. This website converts any image into a printable poster (multiple page pdf file). Start making your own homemade DIY poster using your own images today!
Free online block poster maker / generator. Create a personalized, customized, homemade, 
handmade blockposter (multiple page pdf file) from an image. Great for educational maps, DIY arts 
and crafts, woodworking projects.
Using a method called "tiled printing", you can print images larger than a standard sheet of paper. This tiled printing program overlays a grid on your image. Each cell (or tile) is then printed on a single piece of paper. You can then arrange the tiles to recreate the enlarged image.
Use your custom poster for educational uses (printing maps), for signs, wall art, for stencils, for painting and coloring, for sewing and quilting, for wood working projects and patterns, and other DIY arts and crafts. Your poster will be created in PDF format.

Guide / Frequently Asked Questions


What type of images can be used?

GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image formats can be used. Currently the maximum image size is set to 14MB.

How do I use the interface?

You will first select an image by pressing "Browse." Then select "Upload" to upload your image. Next you can select the number of output pages that you wish your image to be printed on. Finally, save your image and print it off!

Why do my printed images not match what I see in my browser?

To make sure the printed image matches what you see in your browser, make sure the "Scale" option on your browser is set to "Fit to page"
Fit to page

What is the best way to assemble your poster together?

Below are two common approaches.
A. Assemble the poster face-down using masking tape to stick the printed pages together. This allows you to move and reposition the poster in one operation.
B. Use two-sided tape. Individual stick each piece of paper on the wall.

How can I remove the excess borders?

Most printers cannot print on the entire piece of paper. Hence you will most likely find margins around the outside. You can use a a scissors or a paper cutters to remove the extra borders around the outside. Note: Some people leave the margins on the paper to give their poster a "tiled" look.

Why is my poster pixelated?

For better quality, either try reducing the size of your poster or uploading an image with higher resolution.

How can I maximize the printing on each piece of paper?

The easiest approach is to select the "AutoFit" option. To completely minimize wasted paper, select the number of sheets "wide" and the number of sheets "high" that most closely match your paper size. The default settings assume you are printing on Letter paper (8.5in x 11in) [21.6cm x 28cm]. If you want to maximize every single inch of paper, then the dimensions of the image divided by the number of sheets needs to equal "one" as shown in the formula below.
                       (8.5 / 11) or [216mm x 279mm]
   ------------------------------------------------------------------  =  1
   (Width of Image / Sheets Wide) / (Height of Image / Sheets High)

For example, if your image is 2448 pixels wide and 1584 pixels in height, then one perfect ratio is by setting sheets "Wide" to "4" and "High" to "2".
            (8.5 / 11)              .7727
     ------------------------  =   ------   =  1
     (2448 / 4) / (1584 / 2)        .7727

How long does uploading or downloading take?

Depending upon your network connection, it may take several seconds or minutes or more to upload your image or download the completed PDF file.

What happens to the uploaded images.

The images that are both uploaded and the created (pdf files) are stored in a temporary location. A cleanup operation deletes all files approximately every 10 minutes.
See resizing and printing images for more help on resizing images consistently, or printing images (on multiple pages).