Bandsaw Benefits: Advantages of Using a Band Saw

A bandsaw is an extremely versatile cutting machine that can create curved cuts and re-saw lumber into thinner pieces. Below are five benefits or reasons many people consider the bandsaw as one of the most useful tools in the shop. For easy ideas see DIY bandsaw projects.

Bandsaw Benefits:  Advantages of Using a Band Saw

Benefits of Band Saws

Below are some of the major benefits you get when using band saws. For more information see important bandsaw features

1. Create Faster and More Accurate Cuts.

Compared to a jigsaw, the bandsaw can cut much faster. Furthermore, your work is more visible, so following a line is easier. A bandsaw also allows you to cut through thicker material with straighter cuts. When cutting thicker material with a jig saw or a scroll saw sometimes the blade starts to wander, so curved cuts will not be at 90°. A band saw will generally produce a straighter cut on a curve.

2. Minimize Waste When Using a Bandsaw.

Compared to other saws (e.g., chainsaw and table saw), the bandsaw blade is narrower. As a result the thickness of the cut (i.e., “kerf”) is smaller. This results in less sawdust and helps to minimize waste material. A bandsaw also allows you to re-saw lumber. This is the process of cutting a board into thinner pieces. By re-sawing lumber, you can create multiple thin boards from one larger thicker piece of wood. Altogether, this allows you to reduce expenses and minimize waste.

Re-sawing lumber on a bandsaw.
Re-sawing lumber on a bandsaw.

3. Bandsaws are one of the safest tools.

Bandsaws are low impact and friendly to use. The bandsaw blade cuts in a downward direction which helps keep the workpiece solidly on the table as you make the cut. This helps minimize the risk of kickback and injury. Compared to the table saw, the bandsaw is inherently safer for most cuts. To ensure safety, follow these procedures.

  • Always wear safety googles.
  • Make sure the blade assembly is no more than 3/16” (5mm) above the work piece.
  • Avoid cutting round stock on a bandsaw. Ideally the stock should be flat on the table. If you must cut round stock secure it to a sled.
  • Use a push stick to remove pieces between the fence and the saw blade or when your hands are close to the blade.
  • Make relief cuts when creating tight curves.
  • Do not place your hands directly in line with the blade when cutting.

4. Bandsaws provide precise cutting.

The band saw is an ideal tool if you want precise cutting. The thin blades allow you to have total control over the saw. Other features like dual-bearing blades and blade tracking allow for fine and accurate cuts for the best finish.

5. The band saw is a flexible tool.

Besides cutting lumber, you can cut meat, and even metal with bandsaw. You can also purchase thicker blades for heavy cutting and thinner blades for delicate and precise cuts.

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