Jigsaw Features: What to Look for When Purchasing a Jig Saw

Below are five key features to consider when looking for a jigsaw. For more information see the Jigsaw guide and projects and benefits of a Jigsaw.

Jigsaw Features: What to Look for When Purchasing a new Jig Saw

Features to Look for When Choosing an Ideal Jigsaw

There is a wide range of jigsaws on the market. Below are the top five key features to consider when looking for a versatile jigsaw.

1. Orbital Action

If you are looking for a jigsaw for cutting wood, always go for an orbital-action jigsaw, which means it will provide thrust to the blade as it moves up and down. It gives the jigsaw an impressive cutting speed and makes it less prone to wear and tear. Moreover, it is always smoother than a conventional one.

2. Variable Speed Option

Of all the other features, variable speed is the most vital one. It gives you flexibility in adjusting the tool’s speed for better cutting. It is beneficial in cutting certain materials such as metals, where the slow pace is necessary, or woods with curved cuts. Ultimately, it is a feature that’s worth considering and worth the extra cost for most people.

Vegetable Cutting board created using a jigsaw.
Vegetable Cutting board created using a jigsaw.

3. Changing Jig Saw Blades

Unlike older saws that required a hex wrench or other tools to remove blades, a jigsaw allows you to change out your blade quickly. It is convenient to have a lever-action tool-less blade change feature. To avoid any accidents during your work, be careful to fit the blade securely in place.

4. Adjustable Angle Cuts

If you want to ensure the cut’s accuracy, it’s best to look for jigsaws with adjustable angle cuts, as most jobs would require you to do so. So opt for a jigsaw that can bevel, preferably with a bi-sided bevel capability.

5. LED Light

This is probably the feature most workers look for. A focused light to keep the cutting line clearly in sight. An LED light will allow you to work even in poorly illuminated areas. It will also help you avoid cutting mistakes.

Christmas tree ornament created with a jigsaw.
Christmas tree ornament created with a jigsaw.

Laser Guide
Some seasoned woodworkers prefer the recent jigsaw models as they come with a guideline that throws a thin red cutting line out from the front of the saw. It is pretty similar to the bars often found on modern circular saws. This feature helps maintain a perfectly straight cutting line with a jigsaw, which is prone to twisting as you follow a straight line. Many fail to realize that the laser guide is an upgrade to the traditional carpenter’s pencil. It is used to mark the line and guide your cut, perfect for an accurate cut.

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