Jigsaw Tool – Benefits of Using a Jig Saw for Your Projects

A jigsaw tool is an extremely versatile cutting machine that can create curved and beveled cuts. Below are five benefits or reasons why you need a jigsaw. For more information see the jigsaw guide & projects and jigsaw features.

Jigsaw Tool – Benefits of Using a Jig Saw for Your Projects

Benefits of Using a Jigsaw

The jigsaw is one of the most important tool a DIYer will require because of the following reasons:

1. Easy to use

The jigsaw is easy and straightforward to use. If you are new to the tool, it will not take you much time to learn how to use it. Insert the blade, plug in the tool, or if it’s cordless, pop in the battery, and you can start cutting. It can be used in any workshop and doesn’t require much storage space. It maximizes your energy when cutting through boards as the tool is comfortable to operate. Since the tool rests on the surface you are cutting, you do not need much strength to hold it in place.

2. A Jigsaw Can Cut More than Wood

The jigsaw can cut wood of varying thickness and density. However, it can also cut steel, fiberglass, and drywall by just fitting the correct blade. This feature makes the tool versatile and more valuable in your workshop.

3. Excellent For Intricate Cutting

You must be thinking that you would need a fancy adjustable table saw to make bevel cuts, not anymore. With jigsaws, you can efficiently create curvy lines, make bevel cuts, and create intricate designs as they can be angled up to 45 degrees or more for all types of cuts.

Cutting board created using a jigsaw tool.
Cutting board created using a jigsaw.

Its effectiveness in creating angled cuts makes it a power-handy tool for design-heavy wooden projects, especially for workers who are not yet ready to invest in more expensive table saws.

4. Known for Portability

Don’t worry about trailing wires anymore – modern jigsaws can be used anywhere. They are cordless and only require timely charging so they can run for long periods.

This lets DIYers or builders freely twist and turn to accommodate elaborate curves when cutting through boards. In addition to supporting any movement, cordless jigsaws ensure that you don’t have to be anxious about accidentally cutting through dangling cords.

Christmas trees created using a jigsaw tool.
Christmas trees created using a jigsaw.

5. Jig saws are Safe

Jigsaws are safe regardless of your experience level. The best part about a jigsaw is its simple design makes it a great introductory tool for children. Almost children of all ages can use it with some adult supervision and proper instructions.

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Jigsaw Features. Key features of a Jigsaw.

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